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Lavender Field Kálnok is waiting for you

„When wandering through the blooming Lavender Field Kálnok I stop in the middle and close my eyes. I gently touch the velvety flowers; feel the scent flowing in the wind. Feel it surrounding me, my nerves and wrinkles are smoothing. With every breath I take I become a part of the nature. These are healing and calming moments...”


Lavender is our passion

Hegyi Tamás vagyok, három kisgyermekes apuka. Feleségemmel, Kittivel, mi alkotjuk a Kálnoki Levendulás családját. Kézműves manufaktúránk Máriakálnokon, a Szigetköz szívében helyezkedik el, egészen pontosan Győr-Moson-Sopron megyében, Mosonmagyaróvártól mindössze 6 kilométerre található.

I was born in a family occupied in agriculture, always interested in machines and technology. Why not to improve, to start something unique? - Came to my mind. So we began producing lavender. Of course, had only a little experience at the start, but accompanied with great enthusiasm, humility, and we didn’t mind working hard for our dreams.

Our most popular products

Both science and natural medicine acknowledges lavender as herb. Although it’s utterly romantic wandering in a lavender field – and breath-taking pictures can be taken meanwhile in Kálnok Lavender Field – but the advantages of this flower are much more versatile. Its characteristic scent is proven by essential oils linalool or linalyl-acetate, and next to these it contains coumarone and flavonoids. It’s inflorescence can be used dried – e.g. in tee – or freshly as well, stewed or mixed to foodstuff. The physiological effects of lavender are broadly documented through centuries, while practically it is not having any side effects.

The Lavender Essence Kálnok can help you become more balanced, happier and healthier. Either can be utilized in cooking, baking or in treating body and soul.

Lavender syrup – summer all year over!

Every slip of Lavender syrup of Lavender Field Kálnok evokes the heat of the summer and the fragrance of lavender fields; it’s manufactured every year based on my wife’s recipe.

It can be consumed as an ordinary syrup, and also can be added to lemonade, for making it more interesting. Moreover, even can be added to cold rose wine, spritzer or light cocktail, all create unforgettable moments. It’s advised to use only a small amount from the syrup at first, as it depends on taste, what intensity you’ll find pleasurable.

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Just a hint: when serve lavender syrup to your guests, let them choose what quantity they pour into their glasses, don’t mix the whole bottle in advance.

That is our favourite recipe!

Alcohol isn’t necessary in the summer, but a cocktail feels good anytime during the day.

Lady with lavender (soft version)

3 parts of grapefruit juice
2 parts sparkling water
¾ parts lavender syrup
¼ parts grenadine syrup
1 small thread fresh basil
1 thread fresh lavender

Fill the shaker with ice, then pour the grapefruit juice, lavender syrup and grenadine syrup into it and shake well. Put some ice cubes into the cocktail glasses, and then pour the liquid into them through a filter. Add sparkling water, and garnish with basil and lavender branches.

Alter the original recipe based on your phantasy!

Homemade bonbons and pralines are getting more and more popular nowadays, meaning a sweet present for any occasion. For making your present even more memorable, fire up your homemade sweets with a bit of lavender syrup.

By the way, lavender syrup of Lavender Field Kálnok is an ultimate gastronomy gift by itself. Surprise your loved ones or yourself with it!

Take it home, and remember us!


Amount: 500 ml

Ár: 2.000 Ft

Chilindula / Chilander, the lavender jelly with chilli – Sweet moments with a bit of flame

The real gourmet’s favourite is this lavender-based sweet, made exotic with one of the hottest chilli available. Be aware, a real uniqueness!

There’s no other product in Hungary similar to the lavender jelly with chilli from Lavender Field Kálnok. It combines the intensive and sensory taste of lavender with the hotness of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion – also known as Red Scorpio – chilli. That one was known as the hottest chilli type of the world for a long time, measured 2.000.000 SHU on Scoville scale in 2012.

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The power of Chilindula/Chilander affects people differently.

The bottle of lavender jelly with chilli from Lavender Field Kálnok is hiding a taste, which is masculine strong and ladylike s at the same time. The chilli used in it is Red Moruga, manufactured in Nyúl, a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, called Hot Chilli from Nyúl. Surprisingly, really different how people feel its hotness: some gasp for breath right after tasting it, others eat spoonful and aren’t bothered. Due to this delusive effect, it’s better to taste only a little bit of it.

Special supplementation for mouth-watering foods

While lavender jelly advice to be consumed as a dessert, the piquant lavender jelly with chilli is better used for accompanying such masculine foods as game stew, hamburger, steak, or BBQ meat in the summer. The deliciously piquant chilli and lavender mixed flavour enhances the original taste of different meat, making every bite unforgettably unique. Moreover, its colour and texture is also marvellous to look at.

Chilindula/Chilander lavender jelly with chilli is the perfect choice for a really special gastronomic gift to those, who aren’t allergic to capsaicin and can deal with hot moments. Luminantly tender lavender jelly can cheat you at first sight!


Kiszerelés: 200 ml

Ár: 1.700 Ft

LevenDUO / LavenDOUBLE – A real uniqueness

LevenDUO / LavenDOUBLE combines all beneficial effects of the lavender oil and lavender water of Lavender Field Kálnok.

Can be applied for reducing the symptoms of stress, healing smaller wounds or in everyday beauty care as well, satisfying all your needs. You don’t need to keep or carry two different bottles with you, as surely you’ll be so attached to this small bottle that never leave without it. Obvious, as LevenDOU/LavenDOUBLE is a real magic.

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Fast help in the most painful moments!

Quite common, that it’s to realize in the joy of sunbathing the heat, so people notice the sings of sunburn only in the evening. There’re plenty common advices against sunburn on the Internet. Among them, for example, spreading the skin with sour cream is claimed to help by some, but please, don’t use it. Medical science already refuted its usefulness; furthermore, it is not beneficial to your skin. Others swear the effectiveness of given medicinal creams. We advice you a natural cure, which tested on our own skin! When summer sunburns your neck, shoulder, face the best is to reach for LevenDUO/LavenDOUBLE at first, as it hydrates and calms the irritated skin. If spray or spread the irritated skin surfaces with it in the evening that would cool them instantly, while pain and strain goes away until tomorrow morning. However, keep in mind, that using a sunscreen cream is obligatory even next to the miracle active ingredients of lavender!

Applying LevenDUO/LavenDOUBLE is just as easy as of lavender oil or lavender water, so can keep it in reach whenever you need for your well-being.


Amount: 100 ml

Ár: 2.800 Ft

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Harvest Yourself

Our family is keen on the atmosphere of fairs, even my parents are the heart of community, so it quickly came to out mind, that why not to organise a fair during the Harvest Yourself weekend, for satisfying broader public needs.

We love people, respect elderly ones, admire families: Harvest Yourself Weekend in lavender Filed Kálnok is about them. It’s about affiliation, fresh, clear air, our health, young and old, about all of us, it’s a place and time from where you can return renewed to the common life.

Video about the fair last year


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Lavender Field Kálnok is waiting for you

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